Greenwill Eco Pack is the leading Cambodian biodegradable straw supplier. In addition, we provide variety of products such as biodegradable straw, Pla straw, biodegradable packaging etc.

Biodegradable straw

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Pla straw

bio straw-biodegradable-straw-paper-straw-cambodian-supplier
bio straw-biodegradable-straw-paper-straw-cambodian-supplier

#144A ST122 Sangkat Tuk Laar 1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

098591818 (Kh) / 098821818 (Kh/En) Smart
012 53 8218 (Kh) / 017 62 1818 (Kh/En) Cellcard


Lunch: 12am – 1pm
Mon-Fri 8pm – 5pm, Sat:8am – 12am

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CupMonster, the leading Cambodian Biodegradable straw supplier.

Why you buy from us?

  • Quality Is Our Culture !
  • Variety of products to choose !
  • Affordable price !
  • We are responsible for all our products !
  • You can get all the products that you want within one place thus save your valuable time!
  • We care and do the task for your company as we do it for our own!
  • We have strong desire to help you to succeed in your business. Why?  Only if you succeed, then you will keep on buying & increase amount order from us. if you fail we fail.


To replace plastic products to biodegradable products in Cambodia.


To provide international standard biodegradable products with affordable price so every body can use.


“Let’s green together ! ”